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Sam kept his eyes on the computer screen as Dean turned away, glancing up when he heard the patter of his brother’s easy, sort of shuffling gate ambling out of the room. He paused, tired and narrowed gaze sliding to the side and away from the lack of intel he was getting from the internet. Shutting the laptop with a sigh, he looked down the hallway Dean had just disappeared down and stood to follow after him.

Both the brothers had many situations where they would end up punching one another, or just yelling in each others face, then the best of friends the day after, but it was nothing like this.. not even close. Dean felt like his brother couldn’t even stand the sight of him any more. The elder Winchester just didn’t want his little brother to die, he couldn’t handle the thought of not having Sam around him, not having him close by.. it hurt too much. Once in his room, Dean lay down on his bed, sinking into the memory foam and placing on his headphones that were attached to his MP3, listening to his music that seemed to calm him down while having his eyes closed, then one of his arms under his head. With his lips fully pouted, he clenched the muscles in his jaw, then took a deep breath, his rib cage rising slowly before exhaling. He felt lost within himself.. even numb and dead inside.

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4x20 - The Rapture

outofpie: Calling it a night..

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pennyquincymccoy asked: "Penny smiled wryly looking towards the telly. "It is. All we need now is a PS3 and I'd be liking your arse in every game" she chuckled before taking another swing of the beer."

"Likin’ or kickin’?" he smirked, unsure about if she got her words jumbled up or not. He looked to her from the side, holding that same smirk on the corner of his lips. 

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