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"What the hell are you doing out here?"


"Don’t think tha’s any of y’business, Lady.
Why don’t y’just go home.


still on Hiatus

I just wanted to get my gif chats out of the way for my new followers. 
I’m on medication for my stress & things now, so.. I might not be in the 
mood. I will be off until I get my new lap top. I do have a family comp in another room of the house but, it’s always used so.. see you soon. 

"Who are you supposed to be?"



"Depends.. who’s askin’?"

"You don’t want to talk about it on the first date?Cute joke, kid, ya should become a comedian if your hunting career runs dry."He laughed shaking his head at the bad joke which he had to admit he found funny."Good, ain’t every human a ass-hole?"


"Sorry, I have the habit of blowing smoke into people’s faces and thanks"He said apologetically swatting the smoke away out of his face."I’d never kill such  a fine specimen of a human like you."He amswered jokingly course he didn’t fancy him that would have been pretty weird."Nice why did you leave?Did ya get sick of the countryside or something?"He asked raising his brows not understanding why a man would leave his hometown.

"I thought about it." He grinned. "rare breed."  

"No um.. dad took us on a huntin’ trip, never went back. He raised us t’be hunters, n’here I am. Kickin’ ass n’takin’ names. 

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Sam looked over slowly, his face betraying the slight pain at that. He never knew their mom. Not in the way Dean got to. It was a source of some pain and bitterness earlier in life. But now, it was just a small sadness. Sam tried to remain casual, but his voice was weighted down with his emotion. “Yeah?” He asked. “What about?”

Dean was lucky to get more time with Mary..
but he wasn’t lucky enough to be older. He 
wanted to go back & protect her, to tell her
to not get out of bed no matter what..
But it happened. Was all too late. Over. 
"Nothin’ f’get it.  It’s not important." 
He turned his attention to the TV. 


"Wrapping a few loose ends, and grabbing more supplies…"


"Sam should be back soon, or so he claimed via text. Do you want me to tell him you’re awake? He’s been worried about you."

"mm.. no, not yet. Listen, Cas… ‘m gonna need y’ t’take care of sammy okay? - ‘m gonna hit the road f’a couple of days." 

Open || Deanmon


"What?"  She blinked, flattening her back against the wall.  "Uh, no, Dean, not me, I’d never tell you what to do."  She fidgeted awkwardly, eyes darting around the room looking for the nearest exit.  "It was just, y’know…a suggestion.”



"Good. Y’can make it up t’me.." he played, moving his wrists slightly in his chains. "Get me out, n’ you’ll be safe. Come onnn.." he cooed, "y’know y’want too." 

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"Here let me give you a hint:
what is the only thing you
call baby?”

"Y’gotta be friggin’ kiddin’

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"Y’look familiar.. 
we met before?”

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